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Education & Health Centers of America's current programs and services were established with the goal of making treatment programs accessible to criminal justice populations. The mission of EHCA programs is to provide high quality, treatment-­based services, while at the same time providing optimum protection to society. Our objective is to prepare each program participant for an orderly, successful transition into the community. In short, EHCA expects that participants who progress through each of its residential reentry centers will re-enter society as productive law-abiding citizens.



                                                                                             JOB POSTING


                                               Director of The Albert M. “Bo” Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center



    We are seeking someone for the position of Director of The Albert M. “Bo” Robinson Assessment and Treatment Center, which is a 900 bed facility in Trenton, New Jersey that contracts with the New Jersey Department of Corrections, the New Jersey State Parole Board and Mercer County, New Jersey. In this role you will use your leadership abilities to ensure delivery of effective program services in accordance with all regulatory standards and policies (ACA, DOC, NJSPB).


Principle Duties and Responsibilities:


1. Managing the daily operations and programming of this correctional treatment facility;

2. Provide supervision and motivation for employees of the facility;

3. Ensures timely delivery and effectiveness of all clinical and assessment services;

4. Ensures effective integration of support services including medical, dietary, vocational, facility programs, maintenance, security and education;

5. Ensures a safe, clean working environment;

6. Inspects facility to ensure compliance with American Corrections Association ACA standards;

7. Ensures compliance with DOC standards and Company policies and procedures;


Additional Requirements: Must possess an extensive administrative and management background, be well established in financial and organizational management, and have a working knowledge of corrections as well as alcohol and substance abuse treatment. A Master’s degree is preferred; however, extensive related experience and a bachelor’s degree can substitute for advanced degree requirement. Good computer skills and knowledge of word processing software programs such as MS Word and MS Office is required. Must have 10 years of correctional administrative experience.  Must have a valid driver’s license.


                   If you are interested in this position please email resume with cover letter to:

                                                                           We are an Equal Opportunity Employer





To enhance and ensure contractual compliance, accountability and consistency across all programs, all operations and clinical directors and deputy directors, as well as any key decision maker with regard to the day-to-day operations of each EHCA facility, are employees of Education & Health Centers of  America. All employees delivering the programming on a day-to-day basis are committed to common goals: maintaining a positive environment, modeling positive behaviors of program participants, and effectively using cognitive behavioral management techniques. Because the majority of employees are in management or supervisory roles, a master's degree is often preferred for any applicant in Human Services, Criminal Justice, Addiction Services or another related field.





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