Programs and Services

Education & Health Centers of America’s current programs and services were established with the goal of making treatment programs accessible to criminal justice populations.  Our objective is to prepare each program participant for an orderly, successful transition into the community.

EHCA’s programs reduce recidivism through life-skills training, substance abuse treatment, and education and vocational training that is suited to the specific needs of program participants.

Each program is designed to meet the needs of the referring agency, as well as the needs of the individuals referred. Programs are designed consistent with evidenced-­based cognitive-behavioral curricula and a myriad of support services that will sustain the “treatment effect” following discharge.

Our collective experience with residents of our programs has given us a unique perspective as to what is required to reintegrate them into the community and has allowed us to provide the structure and programming necessary in our residential re-entry centers to ensure a successful transition into the community, with the ultimate goal of reducing recidivism.