EHCA, together with their partners from the New Jersey Department of Corrections and the NJ State Parole Board have instituted several measures to mitigate the spread of the virus at Residential Community Release Programs (RCRP). These include:

  • Enhanced sanitization across our halfway houses and fleet.
  • Increased access to hand sanitizer for staff and soap for inmates, while also educating residents on all CDC guidance on mitigating the spread of germs.
  • Health screenings for all those entering the halfway houses that includes temperature scans twice daily.
  • Requiring all who enter to wear surgical masks.
  • Suspending large group events and ensuring smaller activities are aligned with social distancing guidance.
  • Temporarily suspending visitations, while offering other forms of communication such as telephone calls and access to U.S. mail postage, free of charge, to maintain ties to loved ones.
  • Advanced preparation for medical quarantines and medical isolation as medically prescribed.
  • Suspending work programs until further notice.
  • Suspending all transfers of inmates from NJDOC facilities to RCRP Assessment Centers and from RCRP Assessment Centers to other RCRP facilities.
  • Analyzing each RCRP resident return to institutional custody to ensure that only those returns that are deemed crucial are being returned to an NJDOC facility.
  • Requiring approved returns to institutional custody be medically quarantined at the NJDOC regional facility for a 14-day period from the date of transport to ensure no signs of COVID-19 or other illness are present.
Housing RCRP inmates returned for serious disciplinary infractions at the regional facility with their respective court line process.